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The Seiberer Bergpreis

This Oldtimer-contest has been organized by the Ersten Oesterreichischen Kleinwagenclub for twenty years now, and has established itself as a traditional act to start of the Austrian Oldtimer season. The Wachau in the province of Lower Austria with its mountain Seiberer (near Weiszenkirchen on the Danube) offers the appropriate scenic environment.

Vehicles that are allowed to enter / classifications

Historical, registered vehicles in agreeable condition, that were constructed before 1969 and up to 1300 ccm (=0.0459 ft3). classifications:

A0) historical Racing Bikes

A) Mopeds, Motor-scooter

B) Bikes

C) Sidecar Vehicles

V) Vespa

D) Pre War Class car (up to 1945) and all Fiat Topolino

E) 3-wheel (and 4-track) Small Cars, Cabin-Scooters and Lastenroller

F) Small Cars up to 500ccm

G) Small Cars up to 750ccm

H) Small Cars up to 1000ccm

I) Steyr-Puch Haflinger

J) Steyr-Puch from 16 to 19hp

K) Steyr-Puch from 19,8 to 25hp

L) Steyr-Puch from 27hp

M) Automobiles up to 1300ccm

Vo) Volvo

X) Cars with black Austrian license plate

Y) Special valuation "youngtimer"

Z) Invitation only (>3000 ccm)


This contest is a constancy contest. Only the time difference between the two runs will be measured. Passing the high speed limit of 50 km/h (= 31 mph) leads to disqualification.


8:00-9:00 a.m. handing out of start numbers and technical inspection of the vehicles
until 9:15 a.m. visitation of the route
9:45 a.m. drivers meeting
10:00 a.m. Start of the first run
2:30 p.m. Start of the second run
6:00 p.m. presentation ceremony


Via payment form or via Internet until the official end of entry.
For all members of the Ersten Oesterreichischen Kleinwagen Club, for the categories A, E, F, I and for all vehicles constructed before 1945 there are reduced entry fees.


- parking space for the participating vehicle - detailed participants packet, start number and list of participants - snack after the second run - awards for each classification and an overall-valuation

- special awards: women's valuation, historical outfits (we welcome also the four wheel drivers to come in their historical outfits!),...

Organizational Team

Erster Oesterreichischer Kleinwagen Club Postfach 25
A-1210 Vienna, Austria

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Winkinger
Tel + Fax +43/1/7698147 od. +43/664/4869983 for international participants: Roman Lukschinger
Tel +43/1/2699800 od. +43/676/5626679 Wolfgang Lukschinger
Tel + Fax +43/1/4816475 od. +43/676/6725775